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Questions and answers

Before moving in

  • How long should I wait for the office to be prepared?

    The offices are prepared to be ready to rent. Since the moment of your decision to lease the office, you can start work in 1-2 days due to technical preparations and formalities.

  • Can I furnish my office on my own?

    You can decorate your office your own way. Only major modifications must be reported in advance, so that we could arrange the terms of restoring the original condition once the lease contract expires.

  • Can I lease the office with furniture?

    Yes, it is possible to lease an office equipped with furniture. We collaborate with trusted, Polish suppliers who furnish your office with ergonomic, good quality furniture in fair price.

  • Can I register my company in the office?

    Yes, registration of your company is guaranteed in the contract.

  • Is my office going to be branded?

    Yes, your company logo will be located right next to the entrance to your office. It is also possible to put the logo on the board nearby the reception.


  • What is the minimum office lease period?

    We let you lease the office on flexible terms. The contracts are concluded for a specific time period of 12 months or longer.

  • What is included in the lease fee?

    The lease fee includes all the necessary costs which you don’t have to worry about every month, i.e. space rent, electricity, A/C, water, security as well as Wi-Fi and cleaning of the mutual spaces

  • What additional costs do I have to pay

    Our offer contains no extra (mandatory) costs. As an option, you can add to the rent price wired internet access, a parking space or rent furniture.

  • What is the security deposit?

    The deposit equals 2 monthly fees and should be returned upon termination of the lease period. It is a protection against lack of payments for the office and larger damages.

  • Should I buy insurance?

    The building and the offices are insured by the owner, but safety measures you should have a civil liability insurance, as well as an insurance for your chattels (e.g. computers). Do not worry, the cost is low and billed annually.

  • Can I sublet my office to another company?

    Yes, we allow it. As long as there are no particular contraindications, the owner will give this permission in writing.

  • ‎Can I switch the offices during the term of the contract?

    As long as the office you want is vacant, that’s no problem at all! By an agreement with us you can change your office for a larger or smaller one, or chose another space from those available in this location.